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 Hein Consulting Group | 16110 S.W. Regatta Lane |  Beaverton, OR 98006 |  503.629.8742 | 503.232.6212 (fax)


    Alanna Hein Barbara Hein

    About Hein Consulting Group

    At Hein Consulting Group, we know that the capacity to grow to meet the challenges of the changing global workplace exist within your organization. All thatís needed to implement those talents and skills are the tools to create the right environment. Facilitating the creation of that environment is what Hein Consulting Group is all about.

    Barbara and Alanna Hein are the principals in Hein Consulting Group, a woman-owned consulting and training organization. Together they have a combined total of thirty years of expertise in management consulting, human resources, organization development, training and affirmative action programs in both the public and private sector. References available upon request.


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