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    Critical Incidents

    Critical Incidents occur in many work places. For many people, dealing with a manager's sudden death, or a violent incident in the work place are overwhelming.

    Hein Consulting Group addresses serious and/or frightening incidents that effect performance at work. Whether it is a large scale surprise lay-off, or a severe on-the-job injury or accident, a proactive response will help employees react effectively.

    Problems: Critical incidents, when they happen, are intense, and often provoke fear. Avoiding, or ignoring the impact of these incidents often results in exacerbating the problem and extending or exaggerating its impact.

    Steps: Working with small groups of employees in fully interactive sessions assists everyone with their response to the incident, and gives tools to manage the emotional and work place implications of the event.

    Results: When critical incidents are managed well, the work group gains insights into their interdependence and their ability to collaborate in stressful situations.


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